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Average Last Spring Freeze Just Around the Corner


We all know it’s been a brutal winter, but that doesn’t always mean that growing season will be cut short. However, our recent trend of April and early May storms likely have some farmers concerned and the rest of us just plain unhappy. But in a “typical” year… if there is such a thing… we should be getting our last spring freeze in the next week or two depending upon your location. The last freeze in much of the Midwest and central Mississippi Valley should have occurred already by now, but... More>>

Ice Out: Much of Southern & Central MN Now Ice Free


Now that temperatures have finally started to warm, it can start to feel and look more like spring. Ice has been a persistent fixture on Minnesota lakes since December, but now it’s really beginning to melt away. According to the Department of Natural Resources, much of the ice on southern and central Minnesota lakes has melted, leaving them ice free and able to start warming to their summer and more comfortable temperatures. This doesn’t apply to every lake just yet, with some metro area la... More>>



Our climate here in the upper Midwest can lead to a variety of weather conditions. Most of these conditions make sense, such as a blast of cold from Canada or a wallop of snow from a winter storm. One More>>

APRIL SNOW: Location, Location, Location


There is no doubt that we have seen some whopper snow storms this April. We have measured totals more than a foot on more than one occasion. More>>



How many times in the last few months have you heard that phrase? Probably none… it is true that some of us just received 10"+ of snow and it's April. But what you may not know (or forgot… it's ok, it happens to the best of us) is that April is what we call a "transition month. More>>

How long SHOULD it take this latest snowfall to MELT? GO AWAY!


If you are tired of snow and cold, then Wednesday's snowfall is not an event that has you doing the happy dance. It is spring, and no More>>

What a difference a degree can make Video included


Our strong April storm is now over and more seasonable like temperatures are on their way here, but it was truly amazing how different parts of the metro experienced DRASTICALLY different conditions. More>>

APRIL SNOW: Early snowfall totals and photos Video included


If the flakes are freaking you out here in the heart of the metro, imagine the mood just north of the metro. It has been snowing all More>>

U.S. records its coldest March since 2002


The eastern U.S. was below average in the month of March recording its coldest first "spring" month in over a decade. Minnesota had itself the 20th coldest March in the last 120 years. More>>

PHOTOS: Blood Moon, April 15, 2014


People in the United States will see 4 total lunar eclipses in the next 2 years, an uncommon event that will happen only 8 times this century. More>>

More April snow in the cards?


I know that the last thing anyone wants to hear is about snow, but there might be more on the horizon for parts of Minnesota come Wednesday. More>>

Weekend Rain and Snow Recap


The metro area didn't get a whole lot of rain over the weekend, or any snow for that matter, but it wasn't far away… at all! More>>

LUNAR ECLIPSE: A bright spot Monday night


This Monday night into Tuesday morning will start off a 4 part celestial event. People in the United States will see four total lunar eclipses in a row in the next two years, an uncommon event that will More>>

Global Sea Ice Sets Early Year Record High


In the age where all we hear is the steady decline of Arctic Sea Ice, it is interesting to know that the global amount of sea ice actually set a daily record high last week. More>>

WEEKEND RAIN: Most will stay southeast of Twin Cities


A little shower activity greeted us as we awakened from the evening slumber on Saturday, but this time, of the rain variety. More>>

Some Area Rivers are Rising Above Flood Stage


While many areas won't deal with spring flooding this year, some spots have some high water concerns this weekend as area rivers begin to crest from the snow runoff, and now a little bit of rain. More>>

2014 Atlantic hurricane season forecast shows below normal activity


Colorado State University has issued their yearly prediction for the activity expected in the Atlantic basin and they have determined that it will likely be a below average year for tropical storms. More>>

ARCTIC ICE: Yearly maximum reached, now the melt is on


Scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center announced the ultimate sign of spring: Arctic sea ice reached its winter peak on March 21, 2014, and the annual melt season is underway. More>>

Rare Category 5 Tropical Cyclone will make Landfall in Australia


A pretty rare feat will be reached today with a category 5 cyclone set to make landfall in northeast Australia. More>>

ICE OUT 2014: Waiting for the thaw on Minnesota lakes


The long, cold winter has Minnesotans yearning for signs of spring… and eventually summer lake season. An important spring benchmark is lake ice out when the lakes are finally free of the cold harsh signs of winter, and can start to significantly warm. More>>

Snow Cover Now Splits the State in Half


The presence of snow has finally melted away in much of southern and central Minnesota with even those huge parking lot piles now starting to dwindle, but northern Minnesota is a far different story. More>>

The First Warm Day in Months


The first 70° day of the year appeared on Wednesday in the metro and boy did it feel nice. More>>

First Documented Hook Echo Recorded on this Date in 1953


It is now known as the predominant tornadic signature on radar, but it didn't use to be. More>>

PHOTOS: International Space Station visible Monday night


Although the International Space Station is flying over us on a regular basis, it will be in an extra sweet spot Monday night. The ISS (International Space Station) will fly over the Twin Cities for a 5 minute window starting at 9:15 Monday night, April 7. More>>

TWINS Opening Day Weather History


"Play Ball" will soon be heard at Target Field again this season. On Monday April 7, the Minnesota Twins will hold their first home game in Downtown Minneapolis. For most parts of the country, the first More>>

SNOW SO FAR: Are We Done?


After our spring snowstorm last week that dropped as much as 12+ inches of the white stuff on parts of the state, we are hoping that an end is in sight. Don't forget that last year we saw snow in May. More>>

Twin Cities has coldest 4 month stretch since 1936


The old phrase "misery deserves company" couldn't have a better use than what all of us experienced over the last 4 months. More>>

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