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Very warm, humid air returns over the weekend

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It has been a truly marvelous week in Minnesota. We have become so accustomed to the 90 and 100 degree readings in the month of July over the last couple of decades that it can be almost impossible to think that there are times where it can be quite pleasant. Well, we found out this week that it can. With an unusually cool and dry air mass moving south out of the pole region, the state, and much of the country for that matter, was treated to a very comfortable few days. But of course, all good things must come to an end. Southerly flow, therefore warmth and humidity, is headed back to Minnesota over the next couple of days with a full return to the sweltering heat and humidity by Sunday afternoon.

Check out the forecast dewpoints moving into the weekend. The image below is the model expected dewpoints for Thursday afternoon.


In most cases, these numbers are very close with much of the eastern half of the country experiencing dewpoints in the 50’s and even 40’s. But by Sunday, the Gulf of Mexico opens up. This term is used when unimpeded southerly flow takes over the country, and the air coming straight out of the Gulf ends up in Minnesota. As you can imagine, that air is exceedingly humid. These are the expected dewpoints for Sunday afternoon.