VIDEO: Help ID semi that nearly hit 7th grader boarding school bus


The video is shocking on its own, but the fact that a little girl almost got run over by a semi-trailer because the driver couldn't wait makes it even worse.

"Here are tire marks for the semi," Tracy Adams pointed out.

Adams said her daughter, Alexis, was just about to board her school bus west central Minnesota when the truck came flying by, illegally passing on the right in front of their home on May 30.

"It scared me a lot," Adams admitted.

There were no students on board at the time, and neither the bus driver nor Alexis Schwartz student were injured -- but both certainly got quite a scare.

"I was in tears," Adams said. "I was terrified for her. If she hadn't been paying attention, she could have been dead. That truck could have killed her."

The 7th-grade student was waiting at the edge of her driveway when the bus slowed down to pick her up -- but just as she began to walk toward the door, a semi can be seen blowing by on the right shoulder before speeding off.

"You can see the truck appears to be gray in color with a white trailer," Lt. Eric Roeske said.

The Minnesota State Patrol is asking for the public's help in locating the semi that cruised around the right side of the bus on Highway 23 near Paynesville and New London.  The school bus had its lights flashing and stop arm down at the time, and Roeske says it's illegal to pass when those red and amber lights are flashing for a reason.

"Had that child not been so far back from the roadway or if it had been a few seconds later when the child was approaching the bus, we would be talking about a much different situation," he said.

Roeske said he hopes the video will serve as a vivid reminder of how important it is to be careful around school buses.

"If you see a school bus, you need to realize it's going to stop unexpectedly," he said. "Give them extra room and be aware."

After watching the video, Tracy Adams says the school district needs to do more to keep her daughter safe when she's getting on and off the bus; however, in the meantime, she's just grateful Alexis survived a close call.

"Somebody was looking out for her that day," Tracy Adams said. "I thank God every day."

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Brian Reu at 651-405-6047. Passing a school bus on the right is a gross misdemeanor offense.

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