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One on One: Anthony Barr

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FOX 9’s Dawn Mitchell caught up with first round pick, linebacker Anthony Barr.

Dawn Mitchell: Welcome to the Twin Cities:

Anthony Barr: Thank you so much it has been awesome.

DM: We were just talking about how much of a whirlwind this is and how you are on adrenaline. But it’s gotta be everything you dreamed about right?

AB: Right. I’m on cloud nine right now. Ever since I have been a child this has been my dream. To kind of see it come to fruition has been really incredible.

DM: When you are watching the draft and following what they did, and their 8th pick came along, and then they traded down, what were you thinking in your heart? I know you have had conversations with them.

AB: I had no idea they were going to choose me. They called me right before they were picking and were like “you’re our guy”. I was in disbelief. I was like, “are you serious”? I was like let me make sure this is a right area code for Minnesota. It was wild. I’m just so thrilled and so happy.

DM: I know you chose to be with your friends and your family. What was their reaction when you hung up the phone?

AB: I actually stepped out of the room to take the phone call. I kind of slipped out in quiet, I don’t think anyone noticed but when I got back, everyone was like “who was that”? I was like let’s just watch and see what happens. Next I get picked and everyone just goes crazy.

DM: So you let them watch it on tv?

AB: Yeah, I wanted to get the full reaction. It was pretty cool. I did a nice little maneuver and snuck out quietly. It was a pretty awesome reaction.

DM: You come here and defense has always been great. They had a rough patch recently but they are known for their defense. You have Mike Zimmer who is a defensive guru who loves to take guys and mold them. How excited are you?

AB: I’m beyond excited. I think they’re great mentors. Coach Zimmer, Chad Greenway, you know I’m very excited to pick his brain and try to absorb as much information as I can. He’s a Pro-Bowl linebacker, I mean how often do you get to step into a locker room with that. It’s a very exciting time.

DM: People love your speed. What do you pride yourself on?

AB: I just love to compete at a high level. I like to go out and play the game that I love with my teammates and so I’m very excited to go and start doing that again. It seems like forever since I was in the shoulder pads and helmet running around the field so I’m excited to get that going again.

DM: When you think back to your college career, and when you think back when you went from offense to defense, did you ever think you’d be sitting here?

AB: I knew maybe one day I’d get the opportunity to play in the NFL which is my ultimate dream. Maybe not the way it’s gone down. The last couple of months have been crazy. The last two weeks have been a waiting game. Now that I have such an amazing support system, with this amazing franchise, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

DM: I know this training is going to be very much similar to what you had in college, a lot of guys come in and fit in easily. Have you had any conversations with anyone in the NFL to help easy any fears you may have?

AB: There are two players now on the Vikings who were on my college team. Jeff Bacca and Jeff Locke so they’ve been able to give me some advice and I’m looking forward to them telling me ‘here’s a good place to live’ or ‘here are a couple of good restaurants’ and when it comes down to it, this is how we get to work and this is what you should expect when you get here. It’s sort of a comfort level knowing I have a relationship with those guys so it’s pretty cool.

DM: When you are sitting there and the draft is going on what was going through your mind. What was the most nervous thing you maybe had to talk yourself out of?

AB: I wasn’t too nervous. I was kind of at a piece of mind. I knew I did all I could do. Coming up to the draft, I really put myself out there and at that point I was just waiting. I was so thrilled to hear my name called and can’t wait to get started.

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