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One on One: Teddy Bridgewater

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FOX 9 Sports caught up with new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater after he was introduced to the media.

Dawn Mitchell: First of all, I know it’s a whirlwind for you right now but welcome to the Twin Cities, and how excited are you even though you are probably tired to finally be here?

Teddy Bridgewater: I’m very excited. You know, I couldn’t be in a better place. I’m glad to just be a Viking, and ready to get started.

DM: When you are watching the draft, to know that they traded up to get you. Got you in the first round, you didn’t have to wait until the second, what does that mean to you knowing that the Vikings really wanted to get you, and they made it happen.

TB: It means a lot. I’m glad that they did move up and decided to draft me. It just shows that the relationship that we were able to establish meant a lot. This is a family environment. It was a family environment when I came for my pre-draft visit and it just meant a lot to me.

DM: You’ve got to salivate. There’s Adrian Peterson, there’s Greg Jennings. The field is littered with Cordarrelle Patterson’s. Now that all the excitement is still in the background, how important is that “wow, I’m going to come here and if I do this right, it’s the keys to the offensive kingdom”?

TB: It’s very important. You still have to continue to work and make yourself a better player along with making your teammates better. But to have the guy in the backfield running the ball, Adrian Peterson, and the group of wide receivers, the tight end group, offensive line, it’s a great feeling especially being a quarterback knowing you have those weapons at your disposal. For me, I just have to continue to compete and prove to these coaches that I am the guy or when they feel I am the guy that my chance will come.

DM: Are you sick of hearing people compare and contrast? When you look at the NFL now, you look at Russell Wilson, you look at the new breed of quarterbacks, you can’t stick them in a box. Like Mike Zimmer said, it comes down to winning. Are you tuning all of that out because you know what the new quarterback is like in this league?

TB: I can’t buy into that stuff because each guy is different and each guy is blessed with a different skill set. The only thing that matters right now is that I’m a Viking. That’s what’s most important right now. Getting my career started here in Minnesota and moving forward there.

DM: You have Norv Turner here. How do you feel about being in his offense?

TB: I feel confident. Very confident and very comfortable being in his offense. I was able to workout for coach Turner. He took me through the pre-draft workout and I felt solid going through that workout. He and I were able to establish a relationship prior to the draft and I feel very confident being around him.

DM: Do you like the fact that Norv is the type of guy that’s not going to take you and feed you to the wolves? He wants to take you in, he wants to train you, he wants to take you under his wing. You know you are in capable hands that way. Does that kind of take a little pressure off?

TB: It helps a lot. Basically it gives you some time to get adjusted and everything. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to compete. That’s one thing I love about coach Turner. He wants a guy who is going to compete. He, coach Zimmer, Rick Spielman, the Wilfs, they all want someone who is going to come in and compete and have great character.

DM: People tease you about the cold weather. Football is football when it comes down to it. It doesn’t matter to you does it?

TB: It doesn’t matter at all. The thing about it is we’ll be able to use the cold at our advantage. It’s just a mental thing. It won’t bother me, it won’t get into my head. I’ll just continue to use it to our advantage.

DM: I talked to you earlier about your mom. Getting the pink Escalade for her, and Mother’s Day’s coming up and being a cancer survivor. How does that feel when you look at her and you know you’ve made her proud already to this point. Now that you are taking that next leap and you can share that with her. Can you put that emotion into words?

TB: It’s just a great feeling. Knowing that all the sacrifices and hard work has paid off. Now you can finally reward your mom or fulfill a promise you made to her as a child. It’s just a great feeling and I’ve always been goal driven, goal oriented so I’ve always set goals for myself and have been able to touch every goal I have made this far. That was one of them, so to be able to accomplish that one and to also be drafted means a lot so it doesn’t stop here, I know that. The draft happened and now I’m a Minnesota Viking and I’m ready to get started.

DM: Finally, you come here and you know it’s a tradition of great quarterbacks. You touched on it in your press conference about bringing this franchise back into one that they get behind their quarterback. They had a taste of it with Brett Favre here and Matt Cassel has been doing great. Now it’s your chance. How does that make you feel?

TB: It makes me feel great that I have a chance to be considered one of the greats down the road and be in a classification with such great quarterbacks that came through this franchise. It’s a great feeling but I still have to continue to work to get to that status. I want to continue to approach each day, my head down, my hart hat on and just work hard.

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