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15 great moments in Super Bowl commercial history

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Some of the great commercials in Super Bowl history.

Apple- (WATCH)
You can't start the conversation of the greatest ads without this gem. From the 1984 Super Bowl, the Macintosh Computer was unleashed upon the world.

Coca-Cola (WATCH)
A football game couldn't be complete without a football player in a spot. After sacrificing his cola to his hero, the kid gets a sweaty game warn jersey. "Wow, thanks Mean Joe".

Miller Lite (WATCH)
Vintage Madden in this beauty from 1980. Could you imagine sitting in the broadcast booth with the telestrator? Boom.

Monster (WATCH)
Some ads know the right things to say...or not. This Monster ad from the 2009 Super Bowl plays it just right and well...haven't we all been on the other side of the wall at one point or another?

Doritos (WATCH)
A goat eating Doritos doesn't seem like a big marketing play, but the goat rebounded nicely post scream when he realized his owner was hoarding all the chips.

Budweiser (WATCH)
Whazzzzup?!? We've been asking ourselves that question ever since. True.

Budweiser (WATCH)
One of my personal favorites, because we see the underdog..er horse cut from the team the year before only to persevere and in amazing comeback fashion capture the heart of a nation by making it the next year without any PED's. He was tested right?

Xerox (WATCH)
While some don't remember a thing about the decade known as the 70's, they might remember this ad from the 1976 Super Bowl. It combines a serious religious side with a slightly lighter one of makin' copies. Like peas and carrots they are.

E-Trade (WATCH)
You can never go wrong with babies and E-Trade has the ehemm..market cornered. Here's the original Super Bowl ad from 2008.

Doritos (WATCH)
Three objects...a man, a door and his girlfriend's dog created serious magic in this 2011 hit. Here's how they finished...1)Dog 2) Door 3) guy...lesson? Don't stand between a pug and his Doritos.

Bud Light (WATCH)
When it comes to fire breathing commercials, there are two that crack me up, but we've got to keep this SB centric so I give you this Bud Light gem that sets the mood.

Career Builder (WATCH)
A group of monkeys who just like to party. Whether business is bad or good doesn't matter, these guy are in it for one thing. A good time.

Raineer Beer (WATCH)
Um...yeah. Let's hope they didn't blow the advertising budget on this beauty.

Wendy's (WATCH)
After Barry Manilow sang the national anthem, we settled in and watched Oakland torch Washington. But a charming old lady captured our hearts and asked one of the most important questions of modern times.

Budweiser (WATCH)
When playing Rock-Paper-Scissors, always throw rock. (A public service announcement brought to you by MyFOX9.com)

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