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HEADS UP: Things that have fallen from the sky

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In honor of the strange popularity of "Sharknado", and the crazy mind of Meteorologist Keith Marler, I thought it would be fun to explore some of those crazier weather stories. Now, back to "Sharknado", is that really possible? I mean, I guess I can understand that a shark could be sucked up into a tornado, if the shark and the tornado were in the right place at the right time. There are reports of cows and horses being picked up and carried a few feet during a tornado. I just can't imagine a shark falling from the sky and then still being able to attack people. Wouldn't the shark suffer some mortal injury falling a few hundred feet to the ground? Wouldn't the shark be disoriented after spinning around at a couple hundred miles per hour? Oh, the "What ifs" can go on forever. To get grounded back to reality, here is a true list of strange things that have actually fallen from the sky. Just a heads up for the next time you're out and about.



The Twin Cities hop to the top of the list with frogs falling from the sky. Picture it, Minneapolis, July 1901. The sky is green, not from a cloud full of hail, but instead a sky full of frogs. According to locals the frogs seem to be coming from a huge green mass above. There was a peculiar patter sound unlike that of hail or rain, when the frogs hit the ground. After the storm, the frogs were three inches deep in spots and covered an area of about four city blocks. In fact the amphibious debris pile impeded travel in spots.


Too many rainy days can make the best of us a bit crabby. However, that crabbiness took on a whole new meaning in Panama City and Lynn Haven Florida back in February of this year. The picture below shows crabs in the bed of a truck after a strong storm rolled through the region. There were a few waterspouts in the area prior to the crustacean deluge. Hey, if a car can get tossed up into the air, then why not little crabs?




Spangled perch fell from the sky in a remote Australian outback village. According to locals they fell by the hundreds and the villagers scrambled to collect them. Some of the fish were even frozen, a likely sign that they were sucked way up into the storm, above the freezing level. The cause of this, like many other fish falling from the sky stories, is a nearby tornado.  


This time is was no tornado or strong storm overhead, the sky was clear and calm. Then came the thuds and kids ran for cover as clumps of worms fell during their recess. In all over 120 piles of these earth dwellers cluttered the school's athletic field. Although the sky conditions were clear, these lightweight critters could have still been deposited by some nearby weather event.

David Crichton: The teacher collected over 100 worms after the unusual rainfall.© Kingdom News Agency



Ok, that got your attention. Yes, a shark fell from the sky onto a golf course in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The shark was still alive and was taken back to the ocean where it was released. This time it was not the weather responsible for dropping a mini "Sharknado". Two puncture wounds were found near the dorsal fin of this 2 foot long shark. Apparently a predatory bird plucked it from the water and the shark was just too heavy of a meal for the bird.



So, as you can see, its not a total stretch for practically anything to fall from the sky. Check out this YouTube link the how it just might happen.


Heads Up! Frazier


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