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New Procedure To Create The Thigh Gap

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Fancy photo-shopping was all you used to need to create a space between the skinny jeans on models and celebrities in magazines.

But Average Janes and Joes are going under the knife to create a real "thigh gap" when the gym is not enough.

"My whole life I've been working' out."

Christy Anyzek is a bona fide "gym rat."

Her bffs: free weights, step stackers, and cycling machines.

"I don't want to be skinny," says Anyzek.

But she does want to be cut. She's got the guns and even the buns.

"Just always wanted to tone it," she says.

But there's one problem area this fitness cowgirl can't seem to burn off, diet off, or wrangle away!

"I knew that I had done all I could do on my own," Anyzek admits.

The 35-year-old second grade teacher is taking one last stand, but she'll need a "hired gun" to blaze a trail between those pockets of fat that cause rubbing, dimpling "thunder thighs."

"It's everything, it's that they touch, it's the outer thigh, it's the whole thigh Joyce the WHOLE THIGH!" she tells FOX 29's Joyce Evans.

Christy says she's already dropped a chunk of money on quick cosmetic fixes ..

"But they were all temporary," she explains.

Still she's not willing to undergo some of the more serious surgeries. Doctors tell us more women and yes, some men, are seeking to get that fashion-forward, wide "thigh gap"!

The thigh gap. Really just a new name for an age-old issue now being taken to a trendy, and possibly dangerous extreme, says plastic surgeon Steven Davis.

"These models that are coming in with these really tight skinny jeans want to have this extreme gapping between their legs."

Even men, he says, who want to fit into slim cut jackets and low rise pencil legs.

"You have to be the right candidate to be able to have that done," explains Dr. Davis.

"I don't think I'm really a candidate for anything more drastic," says Anyzek.

"The problem is you have to have a little bit of fat there in order for it to work. Some patients that I've seen come in and say they want their thighs to be narrower, but there's nothing there to take.. there's really nothing to do," says Dr. Davis

There is a little something there to take from Christy, even though she's mostly muscle. While her saddle bags are not loaded, she wants them smoother: more butt bubble, less crowding and no touching in between.

"The little nick that we're going to make is going to be somewhere right there so it's hidden in the crease," explains Dr. Davis to his patient.

"You're crazy, people tell me that, you're crazy - what?" admits Anyzek.

For Christy Anyzek, the doctor will use radio frequency energy--a heating procedure that melts fat and tightens loose skin.

"But to actually melt fat without going under the skin, I'm not so sure you can see enough of a result for patients," says Dr. Davis.

"Going under" requires a lot of numbing; a bit painful, just at first. Then he goes back and forth, removing the fat and sculpting through liposuction.

"In the beginning, I try to get closer to the muscle... deeper if you will," Dr. Davis explains.

Using an odd looking radio frequency device, he works a heated wand between the skin and muscle, melting and tightening it, while the cup-like attachment does about the same thing on the skin's surface.

"After that area is depleted, I am going to come up with a finer cannula, a finer syringe, and come up closer to the skin surface," he says.

Same procedure is done to the outer thighs and below the butt, busting up bands of cellulite.

"It"s not so easy to get rid of cellulite completely."

A couple hours and a few stitches later.

"Taking this whole thing here and kinda wrapping it into there," he says.

Foam tape she'll have to wear about a week to compress the now loose skin against the muscle. No bath, no shower.

"Feels good, I wanna see it," exclaims Anyzek.

Fast forward a week, follow up and foam off.

"You don't have a lot of bruising in here," says Dr. Davis to his patient.

He says the trick is not to over correct for a more natural look.

"You can see the skin is not loose in anyway," he explains.

But not done yet, she's still swollen. Christy gets to wear a girdle contraption for a few weeks.

"Makes my legs feel better," says Anyzek. "Pain was very minimal and I'm thrilled at what I see so far."

"So if you're not happy, fix it," she concludes.

Doctor Davis stresses that you have to work to maintain your newly sculpted figure.

It should be no problem for a workout fiend like Christy.

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