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KIRA TREVINO MURDER: Amended charges unveil new details

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) -

Prosecutors filed updated charges against Jeffery Trevino on Tuesday, and while he is still facing two counts of second-degree murder, the amended document reveals that Kira Trevino tried to leave.

Investigators believe Trevino, 39, killed his 30-year-old wife in late February inside the rental home the couple shared with a roommate in St. Paul.

Trevino is due in court Wednesday for a motion hearing. This is the initial deadline set by the judge for prosecutors to hand all scientific evidence over to the defense. The Ramsey County attorney's office is asking for that deadline to be extended.

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According to the complaint filed on Tuesday, Kira Trevino complained about her marriage to friends and family in the weeks prior to her death and explained that she was contemplating divorce. In fact, on Jan. 31, she, her husband and the roommate, who occupied the basement of the home, gave notice that they intended to move by April 1.

Investigators say Kira Trevino was looking at an apartment for herself, was staying with friends and did not include her husband in social and family events. Her friends told police she was trying to get away from her husband, but said Jeffery Trevino "didn't get it" and kept trying to find ways to stay together.

Jeffery Trevino met his wife at the Mall of America on Thursday, Feb. 21 after she got off work, and the two had dinner and went bowling at the mall. Surveillance video shows the two left the mall together, with Jeffery Trevino wearing an Arkansas Razorbacks sweatshirt. That was the last time Kira Trevino was seen alive.

Police later learned that Kira Trevino had exchanged a number of text messages with a man who was in South Dakota while she was at the mall with her husband. She and the man had a prior romantic relationship that was evident in the messages, police say.


Friends of Jeffery Trevino told investigators he often complained about his relationship with his wife and had no plans to move after April 1 because he hoped the two would reconcile; however, one friend told investigators Jeffery Trevino grew increasingly suspicious and began checking up on her before she was killed, describing him as stressed and consumed with what she was doing.

That friend told police Jeffery Trevino would drive by the gym his wife used to see if her car was there and pored over Kira Trevino's credit card statements. In doing so, he learned she had gone to a bar instead of where she told her husband she would be, according to the friend.

That friend told police he had a conversation with Jeffery Trevino about his wife being missing on Feb. 22, the day after she was last seen alive. The friend suggested using her iPhone account to try to locate her -- but said Jeffery Trevino wanted to wait and opted to spend three hours playing video games online with that friend until 1 a.m.


At about 10:25 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 24, Jeffery Trevino called the St. Paul Police Department to report Kira Trevino missing.

Charging documents say Jeffery Trevino told investigators about the couple's trip to the Mall of America and said the two returned home to watch a movie. He claimed that his wife fell asleep but he knew she had an appointment the next day but her car was out of gas, so he took her car to the gas station for her.

According to police, Jeffery Trevino said his wife left the morning of Feb. 22 between 8:30 and 9 a.m. to go to the gym in New Brighton, go tanning in Roseville and make a deposit at the bank before interviewing potential employees at work. When asked where he was during that time, Jeffery Trevino explained he was home all day until he left to pick up his daughter in the afternoon.

The amended charges also show that Jeffery Trevino called his wife's mother, Marcie Steger, on the same day, beginning the conversation by asking her, "Are you sitting down?"

Steger also called police, and uniformed officers who responded to her call arrived at the home while police investigators were there speaking with Jeffery Trevino. Those officers observed he was upset as more police had arrived.

As officers were leaving, Trevino asked what he was supposed to do with his wife's belongings. Investigators found the question odd since Kira Trevino had been missing just over 48 hours and the couple was not expected to vacate until April 1. Prosecutors believe the question suggests Jeffery Trevino did not expect his wife to return.


While bank records and surveillance video confirm that Jeffery Trevino did put gas in his wife's white Chevy Cobalt at a gas station near the couple's home shortly after 2 a.m. on Feb. 22, the camera also shows the car turn away from the home and toward the Interstate instead.

Those records and videos also show Jeffery Trevino putting gas in his own car and removing money from the ATM at the same gas station at 8:05 a.m.; however, he did not disclose this transaction with police. Officers also noted he was wearing a different sweatshirt than the one seen on surveillance footage from the Mall of America.

Police determined that Kira Trevino did not arrive at the gym, tanning salon or work on Feb. 22, and she also did not go to work as scheduled on Feb. 23, which coworkers say is highly unusual.

Investigators also confirmed the Kira Trevino's cell phone was last used at 11 p.m. on Feb. 21.

Kira Trevino was also scheduled for a phone interview for a potential new job on Feb. 22, but she did not call or attempt to change the time in advance despite several previous rescheduling efforts where that had been the case.


Kira Trevino's Chevy Cobalt was found in a parking ramp at the Mall of America on Monday, Feb. 25. It was backed into a spot against the far western edge of the ramp, and her blood was found in the trunk. The blood-stained trunk liner was also found nearby.

Inside the car, officers found Kira Trevino's purse and blank court divorce papers that appeared to have been downloaded online.

After the car was found, one of Kira Trevino's coworkers was the first to call Jeffery Trevino to tell him about the find; however, that woman told investigators he seemed calm and unconcerned by the news. When she spoke with him again later in the day, she said Jeffery Trevino told her he was not happy his wife's disappearance was all over Facebook and that he thought it was blown out of proportion.


Surveillance video taken from a neighbor show's Kira Trevino's car leaving the couple's home at 9:15 a.m. on Feb. 22, and Mall of America cameras captured it entering the ramp a half an hour later.

The video footage also shows a figure walking from the parking stall where the car was found to the area where taxis wait for passengers. Shortly thereafter, a taxi is seen leaving the mall.

GPS tracking data shows the taxi went directly to the 500 block of East Iowa Street, which is where the couple's home is located. The fare was paid in cash, but surveillance footage from the neighbor's home shows a figure wearing the logo Jeffery Trevino had on when he took cash from the gas station ATM less than two hours earlier.


Police executed a search warrant at the couple's home, located at 570 East Iowa Street, on Monday, Feb. 25 and found evidence of clean-up efforts.

Court documents say officers found several freshly laundered towels and the Arkansas Razorbacks sweatshirt Jeffery Trevino was seen wearing on Feb. 21 in the laundry room. Bleach-stained towels were also found in the kitchen as well as a mop and bucket in the hallway by the main floor bathroom.

Close inspection revealed blood spatter on the side and top of the box spring in the master bedroom and on a set of shelves next to the bed. That blood was later confirmed to be Kira Trevino's.

Officers also found a mixture of blood on the back of the bedroom doors that was matched to Kira and Jeffery Trevino.

Investigators also found the bed had been moved and other furniture had been rearranged, but when moved, more blood was discovered on the box spring and detectives determined the origin of the blood could be found next to the bed.

Forensics teams cut the carpet in the area by the bed and found an area of blood that had soaked through the carpet; however, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been unable to identify a DNA profile from the blood.

BCA scientists said cleaning products can dilute and degrade blood to a point where DNA profiles cannot be established, but Kira Trevino's blood was confirmed to be found inside a carpet cleaner Jeffery Trevino had borrowed from Marcie Steger on Feb. 20.

Police say Jeffery Trevino remained nonchalant while officers canvassed the neighborhood to speak with residents. One homicide investigator approached him while he stood in the street outside his home and Jeffery Trevino said he was waiting for a ride to dinner and then would "probably catch a movie."


The man who lived in the basement of the home the Trevinos rented told police he was home the night of Feb. 21 and did not hear anything unusual in the home.

Investigators say the roommate saw the couple watching a movie at about 9 or 10 p.m. when he went upstairs to get a soda.

Police say the roommate's employer and personal computer records show he did arrive to work at 6:30 a.m. the next morning, and police investigators who tried to challenge his denial of involvement in or knowledge of Kira Trevino's disappearance found no evidence to contradict his claims.


On March 16, Kira Trevino's grandfather found a bag containing the following items, which were confirmed to contain her DNA:

- Bloody pillow
- Bloody pillow case
- Sports bra
- Shirt
- Sponge

The bag was found at Keller Lake Park, which is located 1.2 miles northeast of the couple's home.

A little more than two weeks later, a resident cleaning debris in a ditch near his home found Kira Trevino's driver's license near the intersection of Edgerton and Koehler streets in Vadnais Heights -- 4.5 miles north of the couple's house.


On May 8, a mechanic working on a barge noticed what he thought was a human shoulder in debris floating in the Mississippi River between Robert Street and Highway 52 in downtown St. Paul.

St. Paul firefighters recovered the decomposed body of Kira Trevino from the river and used dental records to identify her. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner's Office declared she died from homicidal violence.

Although additional examination of the cause of death continues, medical examiners say injuries to her body included a cut above her left eye, an upper lip injury, a broken index finger and lacerations to her liver.

Investigators note that the portion of the Mississippi River where the body was recovered is the closest the waterway comes to the couple's home at about 5 miles directly south.


When police examined Jeffery Trevino's vehicle, they found a hand-written address of the man who Kira Trevino had sent text messages to on the night of Feb. 21.

There was no activity on Kira Trevino's Facebook page, bank accounts or any contact with her family or friends after Feb. 21, according to investigators.

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