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2nd 911 transcript

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Agency: Woodbury Police Department
Date of Incident: 08/31/2012
Time of call: 02:03 a.m.
Caller: Suspect, Demitrius Ballinger


DISPATCH: Dispatch

CALLER: Caller

DISPATCH: 2nd Dispatcher

DISPATCH: Listen. Do you have them in there with you?


DISPATCH: I, State Patrol, I've got the party in the Red Roof. He said he's got a 9mm. He did already get in a shootout he said with them. He wants to kill himself before ah..

CALLER: Why (Inaudible) Why you telling all my business?

DISPATCH: Well sir that's what you told me..




DISPATCH: I (inaudible) with Washington County.

DISPATCH: Alright. I've got it. Thank you. Sir? Sir?


DISPATCH: My name's Matt.

CALLER: (Inaudible)

DISPATCH: What's your name?

CALLER: Don't worry about what's my f------ name.

DISPATCH: Okay. Well I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

CALLER: Don't. Why?

DISPATCH: What's that?

CALLER: What's up? What you want?

DISPATCH: I want to understand what's going on there tonight?

CALLER: Noth'n. My baby mama made me f--- my whole life up. But I don't give a f--- about that.


CALLER: Because I ain't leaving this hotel unless I'm in a body bag. So it don't matter.

DISPATCH: Okay. I mean, you sound upset.

CALLER: Yeah I'm upset. Cause I don't have no f------ family.

DISPATCH: Well what happened?

CALLER: No I'm just playing. I'm just. I'm sorry.

DISPATCH: No it's fine. I understand you're frustrated so, I mean. I, I'm just trying to understand what happened.

CALLER: They better not come here. If they come here, there's going to be a shootout and I'm taking three people with me that I got right now. Cause I have 18.

DISPATCH: You have 18 what?

CALLER: Bullets.

DISPATCH: Okay. Um. What ah, what exactly, are there other people in the room with you?

CALLER: Didn't I just tell you that?

DISPATCH: Ah you said three. Is that mean there's three other people in the room?

CALLER: No. It's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine people.

DISPATCH: (Inaudible)

CALLER: Plus me. Ten.

DISPATCH: There's nine people in the room?

CALLER: Yeah. Why you need to know all these questions anyway? What's up?

DISPATCH: I'm just trying to understand…

CALLER: Hello.

DISPATCH: What's going on? You know what I mean. Just trying to help you.

CALLER: I'm going to help myself when I walk out there and start shoot'n.

DISPATCH: Okay. you don't want to do that though.

CALLER: Yes I do. Or I can just shoot myself in the head right now and get it over with. Either way it goes, I'm not going home tonight. I don't even have a home so f---.

DISPATCH: Okay, I and ah, you do sound frustrated. Okay.


DISPATCH: And I understa-- You know what I mean. I understand that you're frustrated but you, you did the right thing. You called so I'm trying to understand what's going on there.

CALLER: That I give a f--- about life no more.

DISPATCH: Okay and that sounds. That sounds. It sounds like you're…

CALLER: You want..You want me to see if…You want to see if I'm playing or not?



DISPATCH: Ah, there's no judgment here. I'm not judging you or saying that you're not telling the truth. You know what I mean. I, I feel that you sound sincere in what you're saying and I'm just trying understand what's going on, okay? Are you still there?


DISPATCH: Okay. So. I mean can you tell me wha-what, what exactly happened tonight that, that caused this?

CALLER: I don't know. I just snapped.


CALLER: Cause I. I'm trying to live my. What if (Inaudible) someone (Inaudible) f--- it.

DISPATCH: Yeah. I mean I understand. (Inaudible)

CALLER: (Inaudible)

DISPATCH: Everybody's (Inaudible)

CALLER: Smoke.

DISPATCH: Snaps. Um, but I want you to understand (pounding sound) What is that?

CALLER: Noth'n.


DISPATCH: I want you to understand that ah we can, you can still come out of this in a positive light, okay?


DISPATCH: Wha, what do you mean how?

CALLER: I don't have no family. So I don't give a f---..

D2 Okay, Okay but you just.

CALLER: (Inaudible)

DISPATCH: I, I just. I just heard you say that you had a, a, what, what did you, you, you have a girlfriend or is she you're wife.

CALLER: She was supposed to be my wife.

DISPATCH: Okay and do you have a kid?

CALLER: Yeah. A four year old.

DISPATCH: Okay what

CALLER: Deshan.


CALLER: (Inaudible)


CALLER: Yeah, that's my baby.

DISPATCH: Is he with you?

CALLER: No. Hell no. Why would he be here?

DISPATCH: I didn't. I don't know, that's why I saying. I'm not there. I don't -- I'm trying to understand what's going on there. Um, was Deshan with your wife then or she was just there with you and somebody else?

CALLER: No my wife not here. Just some of, some kids, I guess. The oldest is what. How old are you? B---- how old are you? 16. What the f--- you said 19.

Voice in background (Inaudible)

CALLER: Stupid b----. (Inaudible) f---'n(Inaudible).

DISPATCH: Alright now listen. Okay. We want (Inaudible)

CALLER: (Inaudible) Who was

(Female in background) We're all 16.

CALLER: They said they all 16.

DISPATCH: How many are in there?

CALLER: I just told you nine.

DISPATCH: You have nine other people in the room with you?


DISPATCH: How old are they?

CALLER: Talking to someone else. (Inaudible) what's wrong man?

DISPATCH: Okay. So I understand that you're upset with your supposed to be wife over your son Deshan. Is that correct?

CALLER: (Inaudible)

DISPATCH: What's that?


DISPATCH: Okay. Um can I. Is there something I can call you, sir? I, I mean just so I, I can talk to you.

CALLER: Lucifer.

DISPATCH: Lu, ah Lucifer?


DISPATCH: Okay. I'll keep calling you sir then. Okay, cause what we're going to do…

CALLER: I just told you. I just told you my name.

DISPATCH: Okay. Alright well..

CALLER: What's (Inaudible) what you say what's you going to do?

DISPATCH: I'll call you Lucifer.

CALLER: You're coming here?

DISPATCH: No. We're not coming in. You control the situation in there. Okay.

CALLER: No, You all going to be coming in? How about if I take out one right now. So you'll know (Inaudible)..

DISPATCH: No, nobody -- nobody's coming in, okay?

CALLER: (Inaudible)

DISPATCH: Nobody's coming in. I didn't say we're coming in. Nobody's coming in, okay? They -- I mean you, you understand the reality. The police are out there but nobody's coming in. Okay?

CALLER: Hello.

DISPATCH: Yep I'm still here. Can you hear me? Can you still hear me? Are you still there? Hello? Lucifer? Hello? Hello?

Call ended on Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 at 2:11 a.m.

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