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Tips for leading a more sustainable life

Lifestyle expert Karen Firsel joined us on Good Day Chicago ahead of Earth Day to talk about ways you can lead a more sustainable life. More>>

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Easter traditions: Crawfish Boil

On Good Day Chicago Friday, we talked about Easter traditions. Many southerners take part in a "crawfish boil." Andrew Banos from Heaven on Seven joined us for our Good Day Chicago crawfish boil! More>>

Recipe: Key lime pie cookie cups

Jocelyn Delk Adams of the baking blog Grandbaby Cakes joined us on Good Day Chicago to show us how to make delicious key lime pie cookie cups. More>>

What's Brewing: 20x2 Chicago, Grease and Easter

If you need something to do this weekend, Ernest Wilkins offered some great ideas to spice up your weekend including 20x2 Chicago at Schuba's, a Grease sing-a-long and Easter! More>>

Melody Mendez shares Greek Orthodox Easter tradition

On Good Day Chicago, Melody Mendez shared one of her family's Easter traditions- dying Easter eggs red.

3D printing making advances in Chicago

One of the hottest recent technology advances is 3D printing. And as Jake Hamilton reports, some of the first shots fired in the high-tech revolution are happening right here in Chicago. More>>

Fox Valley Area High School demonstrates robots

The Fox Valley Area High School robotics team won the Midwest Regional competition and advances to the World Championships. The team demonstrated their robots on Good Day Chicago. More>>

Art Institute's Modern Wing reopens

Stephanie D'Alessandro with the Art Institute of Chicago joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, which recently reopened.

Officials say Tinder is dangerous for children

Fox 32's Tisha Lewis reports, on a scale between 1 and 10, Naperville police rate the problem of dating sites being used by underage students in school an eight. More>>

Fashion experts talk Coachella style

Fashion experts Marcella Reynolds and Ryan Beshel, and the founder of WhatRUWearing Fariss Knox, joined us on Good Day Chicago to break down the good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity fashion at Coachella. More>>

Experts offer hair curling tutorial

Corinna Strong from Goldplaited Salon in Lincoln Park joined us on Good Day Chicago for a tutorial on how to curl your hair correctly! More>>

April is National Kite Month

April is National Kite Month, a flying sign that we're escaping the cold grasp of one of the worst winters in Chicago history. More>>

Dennis Rodkin of Crain's Chicago Business talks real estate

Crain's Chicago Business writer Dennis Rodkin shares this week's best real estate deals- Mayflower Place, a Winnetka home and a house in Homewood. More>>

Dr. Craig Garfield talks 'daddy depression'

Dr. Craig Garfield joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about depression that new fathers sometimes experience and what causes it. More>>

Legally Speaking: Attorney Joe Lopez

In this week's Legally Speaking, Attorney Joe Lopez spoke to FOX 32 News about filming outside, quitting jobs and who is responsible when sump pumps flood. More>>

FOX Furry Friend of the Week: Hound mix Jenny Lynn

FOX 32 News has teamed up with no-kill shelter PAWS Chicago to bring you an adoptable pet each week. This week, we're featuring Jenny Lynn, a six-year-old Hound mix. More>>

FOX Furry Friend of the Week: Hound mix Jenny Lynn


FOX 32 News has teamed up with no-kill shelter PAWS Chicago to bring you an adoptable pet each week. This week, we're featuring Jenny Lynn, a six-year-old Hound mix. More>>

Luxury for Less: Sweet Easter treats

Luxury for Less expert Jaymes Duke Ballard joined us on Good Day Chicago to tell us where we can find some great sweet Easter treats for less than $30! More>>

Chicago ranked among Top 25 most frugal cities

According to, Chicago is one of the top 25 most penny pinching cities in the country. More>>

Somewhere You Should Go: Cosley Zoo

In this week's Somewhere You Should Go segment, we check out the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton- a five acre oasis run by the Wheaton Park District featuring 20 exhibits and more than 150 animals. More>>

Spring design tips from Alison Victoria

Alison Victoria, from the DIY Network show "Kitchen Crashers," offered some great spring design tips to make your home bright this season! More>>

The Heartbleed Virus: Keeping yourself safe online

A new computer issue called the "Heartbleed" virus is highlighting the importance of protecting your passwords. Ted Claypoole, author of "Privacy in the Age of Big Data," breaks it down. More>>

Beating the stress out of your everyday lives

Stress is something that can affect anyone and it can have devastating effects if it's not treated. Dr. Ashley Solomon talks about how stress can affect our everyday lives. More>>

Recipe: Chef Carol's rhubarb ham glaze

Dr. Carol joined us on Good Day Chicago Tuesday to teach us how to make a delicious glaze for your Easter ham! More>>

Zwecker talks new movie 'Heaven is for Real'

FOX 32's entertainment reporter Bill Zwecker had the chance to sit down with one of the stars of the new movie "Heaven is for Real." More>>

How to get affordable first class tickets

The founder of Dmitry Cheney, joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about how you can find first class tickets to your favorite destinations for an affordable price! More>>

Teddy Greenstein discusses college athlete unionization

Chicago Tribune writer Teddy Greenstein joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about the discussion to unionize Northwestern football players.

Backward bowler looks to bowl perfect game

Andrew Cowen is aiming to bowl a perfect game of bowling backward, and he wants to do it in his hometown of Rockford, Ill. More>>

Anchors have laughing attack on air

Good Day Chicago Anchors Melody Mendez and Jon Kelley couldn't stop laughing after a segment on FOX 32.

Passover Seder dinner ideas

Joey Morelli of Max's Deli gave us some tips for a delicious Passover Seder dinner. More>>

Jon Kelly, Melody Mendez crack up on air

Jon Kelley and Melody Mendez couldn't stop laughing during a segment of Good Day Chicago! Press play to watch the clip! More>>

Tips for Easter parties

Lifestyle expert Limor Suss joined us on Good Day Chicago to offer some great tips for your Easter party this year. More>>

Bill Zwecker talks 'The Other Woman'

Bill Zwecker joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about the new film "The Other Woman." More>>

What to look forward to at the Children's Museum

Children's Museum exhibit developer Katie Slivovsky joined us on Good Day Chicago to tell us about what children can look forward to at the museum this week. More>>

Jennie Sophia talks about Les Miserables performance

Les Miserables is playing at the Drury Lane Theatre in Oak Brook until June 8. One of the performers, Jennie Sophia, joined us on Good Day Chicago to tell us more about the show. More>>

Billy Zane to star as Captain Von Trapp

Chicago native Billy Zane is set to star as Captain Von Trapp in a Chicago production of "The Sound of Music." More>>

George Will writes book about Wrigley Field

George Will, one of America's top commentators, a Pulitzer Prize winner and life-long Cubs fan recently wrote a book about his favorite ballpark, Wrigley Field. More>>

Blood Moon to be seen in sky Tuesday morning

At 12:58 Tuesday morning, the moon will slip into the earth's shadow and the lunar eclipse will be visible to people in the Midwest. NASA scientist Dr. Mehdi Benna joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about the event. More>>

Comedian David Koechner concludes ‘Together Again’ tour in Chicago

David Koechner is one the most recognizable faces in comedy, from "Anchorman" to "The Office." Now you can see him perform in person at Park West Friday night! He's concluding his "Together Again' tour in Chicago. More>>

Spring makeup tips from Christine Khasho

It finally feels like spring outside. Makeup artist Christine Khasho offered some tips to spruce up your spring time beauty playlist on Good Day Chicago. More>>

Prom Goes Green gives girls the dress of their dreams

Prom season is just a few short weeks away. This year, US Again and the Glass Slipper Project are partnering up to make sure every girl in Chicago gets the prom dress of her dreams. More>>

FOX 32 gets sneak peak of Coffeecon

If you can't start your morning without coffee, the weekend event Coffeecon is for you! Kevin Sinnott spoke with us about what visitors will see at the event. More>>

What's Brewing with Ernest Wilkins: Speed Rack, Haters' Ball, Mad Men

Red Eye Chicago's Ernest Wilkins shared what's brewing this weekend, including Speed Rack, Haters' Ball, and a Mad Men screening at the Logan Theatre. More>>

Khristian Howell on how to make outdoor spaces chic

Design expert Khristian Howell spoke with FOX 32 on how to make your outdoor spaces chic and vibrant! More>>

Project Onward supports artists with autism

Project Onward, a Chicago non-for-profit organization, supports the career development of artists with autism. Executive director Rob Lentz talked to FOX 32 about their new exhibit series at the Bridgeport Art Center called "Smile With Your Mind." More>>

Somewhere You Should Go: Schuba's

In this week's Somewhere You Should Go segment, we take a look at Schuba's, a great live music venue in the Lakeview neighborhood. More>>

Ryan Beshel discusses Chicago street fashion

Fashion expert Ryan Beshel joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about some great fashion trends seen around the city. More>>

New exhibit celebrates Elvis

A new exhibit in Memphis celebrates the year Elvis walked into Sun Studios in Memphis and recorded the song "That's All Right." Director of Communications for Graceland, Kevin Kern, gave us a sneak peak of the exhibit on Good Day Chicago. More>>

Check out PAWS 36-hour Spring Adopt-A-Thon this weekend!

If you are looking to add a new member to your family, PAWS Chicago might be able to help! PAWS is hosting a 36-hour adopt-a-thon over the weekend. More>>

Dennis Rodkin shares Chicago real estate properties

Real estate writer Dennis Rodkin from Crain's Chicago business joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about great real estate properties around the Chicago area. More>>

Crain's Chicago Business fashion favorite Tanya Uyigue

The winner of this week's Crain's Chicago Business fashion favorite is Tanya Uyigue, Chicago Lights Tutoring youth programs associate director.

Bill Zwecker chats with Greg Kinnear

FOX 32 News' Entertainment Reporter Bill Zwecker had the chance to sit down with actor Greg Kinnear about the new movie "Heaven is for Real." More>>

Legally Speaking: Attorney Daliah Saper

In this week's Legally Speaking segment, attorney Daliah Saper answers your questions on copyright issues, patent and trademarks, and kennel cough. More>>

Crain`s Chicago Business, Good Day Chicago fashion favorites! Video included


A pantsuit or dress just doesn't cut it anymore, if you want to look trendy and fashion forward. Jackie Bender of Crain's Chicago Business will highlight Chicagoans bringing their fashion "A-game" to work.

Chicago Botanic Garden preps for Antiques and Garden show

The Chicago Botanic Garden is prepping for their annual Antiques and Garden show taking place this weekend. More>>

New spring looks for men

Tyler Thoreson, the editor of, joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about some new, fresh looks for men this spring. More>>

Jaymes Duke Ballard: Beauty for under $20

Luxury for Less expert Jaymes Duke Ballard joined us on Good Day Chicago to talk about how you can get beauty and grooming deals for less than $20. More>>

Andrea Metcalf: Best shoes for your foot

Womens Forum Fitness expert Andrea Metcalf joined us on Good Day Chicago to explain which types of gym shoes are best for your foot.

Willis Report: Understanding college financial aid packages Video included


It's that time of year when prospective college students all over the country are getting acceptance letters and financial aid packages. If you or a member of your family is part of this group, steel yourself. More>>

Ask Dr. Mona: Vaccine preventable diseases

In Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona explains why some vaccine preventable diseases are making a comeback. More>>

Janet Mandell offers baby shower gift ideas

Blogger Janet Mandell shared some great gift ideas for baby showers. More>>

Dr. Royal offers tips on keeping your pet fit

Dr. Barbara Royal spoke with Fox 32 News about how to keep your pet from gaining weight during the cold months of the year. More>>

Bill Zwecker chats with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner

Entertainment reporter Bill Zwecker had the chance to sit down with Jennifer Garner and Bill Zwecker and preview their movie Draft Day. More>>

Legally Speaking: Attorney Karen Conti answers legal questions

Chicago Attorney Karen Conti answers your legal questions about turning in lost property, property damage and backyard privacy. More>>

Nicole Kasal: 5 essential ingredients for an effective juice cleanse

Juice cleanses are all the rage right now. The Cleanse Culture founder Nicole Kasal shared a few essential ingredients for an effective cleanse. More>>

Christen Michel: Prepping your skin for bridal season at home

We want to look our best for a party, especially for a wedding day. Christen Michel stopped by to show us a few things we can do at home. More>>

Relationship expert Bela Gandhi: Biggest early dating mistakes

When you start dating someone, the first few dates can be a little daunting. Smart Dating Academy founder Bela Gandhi shares the biggest mistakes to avoid in the early stages of a new relationship.   More>>

The Car Coach Lauren Fix: Basic maintenance will save you money

April is National Car Care Month. Studies show 7 out of 10 cars are neglected by drivers for basic maintenance. They're spending to correct damage that could have been prevented. The Car Coach Lauren Fix explains. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Rescue pen can save people from drug overdoses

The FDA has approved a rescue pen that can save the lives of people who may die from certain drug overdoses. Dr. Mona Khanna explained how it works on Monday's House Call. More>>

Specialist Jason Langley visits St. Hilary coming home from Afghanistan

Specialist Jason Langley made a special stop at St. Hilary on the North Side on his way home to Afghanistan. He joined Good Day Chicago to talk about his special ties with these local students. More>>

Brett Taylor of Bleacher Nation on the future of the Chicago Cubs Video included


Bleacher Nation editor and lead writer Brett Taylor joined Good Day Chicago to share his research on the future of the Cubs and the financial realities that come along with moving forward. More>>

Somewhere you should go: Bottle & Bottega in Lakeview

Good Day Chicago explores the places that make our city special. Stephanie King-Meyers says can learn to paint while enjoying a glass of your favorite wine at Bottle & Bottega in Lakeview. More>>

`A Haunted House 2` stars Marlon Wayans, Affion Crockett, Fluffy on GDC

Marlon Wayans, Affion Crockett, Gabriel Iglesias a.k.a. Fluffy star in new comedy "A Haunted House 2" opening April 18. They brought down the house once again on Good Day Chicago Wednesday morning. More>>

Chicago sees lowest first-quarter murder total in 56 years: McCarthy

Chicago police report the city's first-quarter murder total this year hit its lowest number since 1958. More>>

Biblical tales make their way back to the big screen in 2014 Video included


A film professor once said that all movies come from Shakespeare, mythology and the Bible. If you frequent the theater in 2014, you'll see Hollywood has revived its love affair with the sacred text.

U of I alum Mike Hopkins spent 6 months on International Space Station

University of Illinois alum Mike Hopkins just got back from a six-month stay at the International Space Station. Hopkins joined Good Day Chicago live from the Johnson Space Center in Houston. More>>

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart wins primary, will serve 3rd term

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart easily won the Democratic nomination in the 2014 Illinois primary election, earning 70 percent of the vote. The Republicans did not slate a candidate, so he will serve his third term. More>>

GOP nominee for Ill. governor Bruce Rauner joins Good Day Chicago

Voters nominated Bruce Rauner in Tuesday's primary to be the Republican candidate for governor in the November election. Rauner will take on incumbent Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn. More>>

White Sox head groundskeeper in a race against time Video included


As fans around Chicago are gearing up for Opening Day at U.S. Cellular Field, there's one man who has his job cut out for him and he's not holding a bat. They call him "The Sodfather." More>>

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian introduce new line at Babies `R` Us

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian joined Good Day Chicago Monday morning to introduce their new clothing line for girls at Babies "R" Us. More>>

Atty. Karen Conti speaks on Brown`s Chicken killer winning $451K

A man serving a life sentence for the murder of seven Brown's Chicken workers has won a nearly half-million-dollar jury verdict tied to an alleged jail beating. More>>

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